Surgical Technology

Surgical Technology

The Advancement In Surgical Technology

Given that I work within the field of medical technology one would think that I would be accustomed to seeing the best of the best that the medical industry is working on. The simple answer is, I am not. I am as often dumbfounded and in awe just as the next person is, when I see video’s such as the ones below.

Surgical Technology Image

In many ways, the medical world is starting to embrace the good of the old ways old medicine, as I often cite here on this blog. However, the way technology is advancing in the area of practical surgical applications just blows my mind.
Watch and enjoy!



Surgical Technology And The Eye

In this video we see how technology is used in the most intricate of eye operations. The precision is overwhelming when one takes into account the hand movements of the surgeon. The technology takes into compensates for any sudden and erratic hand movements, understanding the need to ‘stall’ before being actioned to continue.

Well, I hope you enjoyed those two stunning videos. I look forward to bringing you more in the future as I try to find more interesting subjects to write about!

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