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Detecting Geopathic Stress

Although some people may be aware that a place does not feel right, most people would not suspect geopathic stress. Sometimes there may be only a general feeling of unease and dissatisfaction, but if there are more definite health problems, and especially if they do not respond to treatment, it is worth checking the site for geopathic stress problems.

If you find persistent damp in a house, particularly where this has been corrected, this can be an indication of the presence of geopathic energies. Many people’s pulse rate will increase significantly when they spend some time in a geopathic area and this can be a useful guide.

Observing the behavior of animals-ants and bees, as well as cats flourish over energy lines that are detrimental to human beings. Sometimes a pet cat may choose an awkward, haughty place with evident relish. These preferences could be indications of the presence of certain earth energies.

Dowsers and water diviners can also detect geopathic stress. This can still prove an extremely useful method of detecting geopathic stress, especially in the absence of readily available and accurate meters.


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