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Effects of Geopathic stress

Children or Bachelor

lists indicators of sleeping in a geopathic zone:
1) Not wanting to go to bed.
2) Insomnia.
3) Restlessness and nightmares.
4) Avoidance of certain parts of the bed.
5) Sleepwalking.
6) Feeling cold.
7) Tired and not refreshed by sleep.
8) Vomiting or depressed appetite in the morning.
9) Feeling down, despondent, nervous, tearful on waking.
10) Cramps and increased heart rate in bed.
11) Hyperactive

School children affected by geopathic stress, she says these are often the slow learning kids, who may be lazy, forgetful, restless, moody, bed wetting, hostile, aggressive, or antisocial and constantly missing school from ill health.

When their desk is affected by a stress zone they may be incapable of doing homework there. If it's at their school desk they will hate going to school, and may get stomach aches, fainting and vomiting, and will often be staring out the window.

Bachelor found that 95% of failed examinations were due to the presence of zones of disturbance.

After beds in geopathic stress zones are moved children often have an instant improvement in sleep and appetite and have increased health and well-being, better attention spans and interest in learning, improved thinking and memory and ultimately improved school performance generally, she finds.

Your Health is like a bucket

A bucket which gradually gets filled up with things harmful to your life. Geopathic Stress could fill up 50%. It then gets filled up by bad diet, unhealthy food additives, physical and mental strain from accidents, psychological trauma, smoking, excess drinking, strained relationships with other people, effects from illness, or death in the family, work, financial pressure, effects from electromagnetic fields and other environmental pollution etc.
Suddenly your bucket overflows and you get a serious illness.

Take the Geopathic Stress away, and your bucket may only be 50% full and your immune system will strengthen, enabling you to cope with e.g. E.Coli, power lines and all the other things listed above.

Many people seem to think we are getting more and more affected by Geopathic Stress. This is true, but mainly because we are filling up the bucket quicker by adding Pollution, etc.

Effects of First Stage of Geopathic Stress

1. Feeling uncomfortable in your bed, favorite armchair, or workplace without any particular reason.
2. Unpleasant sensations
3. Mood disorders
4. Apathy
5. Flabbiness
6. Worry
7. Unreasonable sadness

Effects of Second Stage of Geopathic Stress

1. Sleep disorders
2. Difficulty falling asleep
3. Difficulty staying asleep
4. Waking too early
5. Restless Sleep
6. Waking frequently
7. Nightmares
8. Night sweats
9. Feeling cold or shivering in bed
10. Impending doom
11. Drowsiness
12. Dizziness
13. Weakness
14. Headaches
15. Irritability
16. Fatigue
17. Feeling depressed
18. Anxiety
19. Lack of appetite in the morning

Effects of Third Stage of Geopathic Stress

1. Accelerated human heartbeat
2. Increased breathing rate
3. Increased blood sugar
4. Hypertension
5. Depression
6. Muscle cramps tension, pain
7. Numbness in arms and legs
8. Tingling in arms and legs
9. Neck pain
10. Anxiety
11. Loss of sex drive
12. Lack of interest in sex
13. Helplessness
14. Temporary impotence
15. Migraine headaches

Effects of Forth Stage of Geopathic Stress

1. increasing blood pressure, and increasing blood sugar levels
2. diarrhea, constipation, cramping and bloating
3. ulcers
4. hormone can increase appetite and cause weight gain or weight loss
5. bone loss,
6. loss of muscle mass,
7. decreased sex drive,
8. impaired immune function.

Effects of the Fifth Stage of Geopathic Stress

1. Diabetes
2. Inability to heal
3. Panic Attacks
4. Difficulty concentrating
5. Learning problems
6. Behavior problems
7. Aggression
8. Memory problems
9. Lack of interest in doing something
10. Decision-making problems
11. Inadequate responses to major changes in life situations
12. ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
13. Chronic Fatigue

Effects of STAGE 6 OF Geopathic Stress

1. Cardiovascular diseases
2. Heart attack
3. Arthritis
4. Kidney disorders
5. Allergies
6. Skin diseases
7. Bronchial asthma
8. Stroke
9. Cancer
10. Paralysis
11. Infertility and miscarriages


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