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What causes Geopathic Stress Lines ?

The earth has a natural magnetic field; it acts as though it has a large magnet at its center. The rotation of the earth creates electric currents in the molten metals found within the earth’s core, thereby producing a magnetic field. When the earth’s magnetic field is disturbed, either naturally or artificially, which cause geopathic stress?

Which cause:

Curry lines

Hartmann lines

Black lines

Lay lines, etc.

Natural disturbances to the earth’s magnetic field include geological faults, underground ore masses and underground water, particularly running water. Earthquakes and running underground water can slowly erode rock and have a destabilizing effect. Natural radiation which rise up through the earth are distorted by week electromagnetic fields crested by subterranean running water, create mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. The wavelength of the natural radiation disturbed in this way becomes harmful to living organisms.

The wavelength of the natural radiation disturbed in this way becomes harmful to living organisms. Man-made disturbances in the earth’s magnetic field include mining, foundations for tall buildings, underground transport systems and public utilities (sewage, water and so on). The natural radiation, disturbs magnetic, electric, electromagnetic filed of living organisms (our body, animals, plants, electrical and electronic devices, etc.) this way becomes harmful to all.


arrow Magnetic filed
arrow Underground running / stable water
arrow Minerals, ore masses
arrow Underground cavities
arrow Earth cracks / floods

Atrificial (Man made)

arrow Mining
arrow Dams
arrow Foundation of tall building
arrow Undergroung transport system
arrow Public utilities (sewages, water, electric cables, telephone cables, etc.)


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