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Option 3: Rectification without any Alteration or Demolition of an existing structure or under contraction.

Vastu Correction without Demolition Vastu Technologies research has lead me to believe that Vastu & Feng Shui architecture principles were founded on the premise that one constructs a new structure that follows the geometric patterns of resonance with telluric, global and cosmic energies. Existing non-compliant structures are not addressed.

However, because in modern times there is a demand to somehow apply Vastu & Feng Shui Vastu Technologies principles to existing structures, we have developed some protocols for rectification.

Determination and earth level scanning
of Geopathic stresses, lay lines, Curry grids, Hartman cross lines & their effect on human health & prosperity.

The most important point to understand regarding rectification is that the results are not really predictable. In rectification, we take some of the basic principles of the science and "tweak" the building as best we can. Vastu Technologies has range of rectification devices with which you can treat your premises without demolition or alteration.

The considerations for rectification are:

arrow Orientation of the building.

arrow Main door location.

arrow Room function and location.

arrow The creation of Ishan, Navaritya and Brahmastan of the building.

Vastu Technologies latest idea for a solution to existing buildings is to create a space within the house, office or industry that has a perfect orientation and resonance for good influences by:

arrow Environmental quality measurement and regulation (Geopathic Stress, Global energy balancing, Vastu, Paravastu, Fengshui)

arrow Element Balance of this energy in the human body is the underlying foundation of vitality and health. It stimulates and balances the body’s electromagnetic fields and protects it from environment aggressions.

arrow Global energy balance concept offers the seeker of vitality, health a natural, effective way to uplift body, mind and soul. The rectification projects in which Vastu technologies has been involved seem to work, but the results are only anecdotal.

arrow Personal adjustments to your plans as per Date of Birth.

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