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Archaeological discoveries from Neolithic China and the literature of ancient China together give us an idea of the origins of Feng shui techniques. In pre modern China, Yin Feng shui (for tombs) had as much importance as Yang Feng shui (for homes). For both types one had to determine direction by observing the skies (what Wang Wei called the Ancestral Hall Method; later identified by Ding Juipu as Liqi pai, which westerners mistakenly label "compass school"), and to determine the Yin and Yang of the land (what Wang Wei called the Kiangxi method and Ding Juipu called Xingshi pai, which westerners mistakenly label "form school").

Feng shui is typically associated with the following techniques. This is not a complete list; it is merely a list of the most common techniques.

arrow Xingshi Pai ("Forms" Methods)

arrow Luan Dou Pai,  Pinyin (environmental analysis without using a compass)

arrow Xing Xiang Pai, Pinyin:  (Imaging forms)

arrow Xingfa Pai, Pinyini

arrow Liqi Pai ("Compass" Methods)

arrow San Yuan Method, Pinyin

arrow Dragon Gate Eight Formation,

arrow Xuan Kong,(time and space methods)

arrow Xuan Kong fei Xing(Flying Stars methods of time and directions)

arrow XuanKong Da Gua ("Secret Decree" or 64 gua relationships)

arrow San He Method, (environmental analysis using a compass)

arrow Accessing Dragon Methods

arrow Ba Zhai,(Eight Mansions)

arrow Water Methods, Local Embrac

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